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Post photo: Sülmerstraße | © Shutterstock

Dance into May

My favorite nephew had his bachelor party last night and if I got it right he was kidnapped to Koblenz for that. Time flies so quickly. I still remember well how we drove to Bitburg when he was born.

My two boys were at the bachelor party, so I'm excited to see if they'll be reporting on it soon.

My better half took me to the May dance yesterday, and I really enjoyed it. I was also able to experience a picture book witch at a ball for the first time and now I'm planning to improve my clothes myself at the next dance into May.

For the Europe Ball, I definitely intend to unpack my formal suit again after all these years, because we men should also dress up a bit on certain occasions.

Klaus Brenner from the Brenner Dance School and his team provided a wonderful evening yesterday, and so we can all look forward to a great Europe Ball!

culture of debate

If we all lack one culture, this is it! From an early age we are brought up to get everything as soon as possible and to be the center of the world ourselves. We are actually the center of our own world, and our own world goes down with us. The only problem with this is that outside of our own perception there are also the worlds of other individuals, which in their totality result in a "reality".

In order to experience this reality as well as possible, a few conditions are required. These conditions include not only recognizing that there are other perceptions of one and the same world and that these can be very different, but that we should therefore not only communicate with those who have the most similar perceptions and interpretations of have of reality.

We only come closer to reality if we manage to compare as many different views and interpretations as possible. And to achieve this, a culture of debate is required — especially one that prevents every discussion from degenerating into murder and manslaughter.

Our social media are proof that we no longer have a sufficient culture of debate and the algorithms (written by us) ensure that we get exactly what we want to see, hear and experience ourselves and even faster than immediately. And our excitement is served, too, only so that we can better distinguish ourselves from "the others".

We would have to compare opinions and interpretations that differ as much as possible in order to get an overview in the first place.

It is wrong if you start with a fine filter at a very young age and then continue to coarsen it over the decades because you slowly realize that the actual world has passed you by.

It is correct that one starts at a very young age with as little filter as possible, develops a culture of debate and only acquires a rough filter with increasing age, since one has the own quarrels has found out which extremes one no longer wants to deal with - some speak of life wisdom or experience.


The circular of the EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn is out and can too via this hyperlink to be read. Now I hope I didn't offend too many readers; to date there have been no cancellations. The biggest problem with circulars, however, is that even if you serve a larger circle of subscribers, the actual readership only accounts for a good 40% of all addressees.

That's why I also like to distribute the circulars via social networks and also advertise them on this weblog. This gives hope that more readers will be reached than the evaluations lead you to believe.

And when I receive direct feedback on the circulars, it is on my comments on the current situation. Especially when I limit the circulars to appointments and event reports. I am attaching my corresponding current comment here.

We could report so many positive things, but the question arises as to whether this still does justice to the current situation? We are in the middle of a war and are currently fortunate not to be bombed ourselves. One of the first things you learn as a soldier is how to deal with such good fortune and not act rashly out of pity or misunderstood honor.

But what our federal government has recently done surpasses all of our politicians' expectations, namely the announced delivery of around 50 outdated Gepard tanks, for which no one can say exactly whether there is any ammunition for them at all. The humor underlying this action allows Vladimir Putin the champagne corks will definitely pop. And so that the whole action gets even more political weight, write Alice Schwarzer and friends sent an open letter Olaf Scholz, the calls on Ukraine to be a little more willing to compromise.

Because it is to be feared that the Ukraine war will disturb our vacation, and it has Karl Lauterbach but just "defeated" COVID-19 for us and made sure that even the Oktoberfest can take place again - these are the real things that move Germany.

But if you think that's it, you're probably very wrong, because in the coming decades there will probably be a few trillion euros to be made from arms sales and reconstruction services - that has a completely different quality than mask sales; they may now also understand the opposition's readiness to attack.

comment on the day

Margaret Stamm argues in the Neue Zürcher Zeitung (April 30.04.2022, 05.30, XNUMX:XNUMX a.m.) that when children are constantly overdosed on care and glorification, it harms society as a whole, not just the parents.

Here is the comment: The Little Kings

birthdays of the day

Joseph Heller and Florian Ziegenbalg

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