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I'm remodeling the living room so we can virtual meeting point Europe get better organized; At least I really tried everything to be able to depict such an event virtually. It's not a real replacement for that though Meeting point Europe, but still better than doing nothing. And who knows, maybe this will motivate one or two hesitant people to show their basic interest by taking a virtual look.

First of May

The first of May, a day I look back on fondly. When I was young, I rode my bike into the Pampa (district) or walked around Heilbronn. At the beginning of my professional life, this day was always a good opportunity to work through what was left undisturbed and calmly, without disturbing an employee unnecessarily — a day at work, after all.

And one thing comes to light again and again on this day, there are two types of people here too, those who work and those who like to talk about it a lot and as loudly as possible. In the meantime, however, since the weekly working hours have been reduced significantly compared to the beginnings of the "May Day Movement" and word has gotten around that there are many fellow citizens who actually like to work long hours, the official tenor has also changed of May Day changed to a day of peace and reconciliation between peoples.

But here, too, there are two types of people, those who like to riot and burn police cars on this day, and those who still take to the streets on this day for ideas from the past millennium that have since become completely antiquated. The rest of the day, however, continues to use this day to walk around a little in the pampa or to work up what was left behind.

Europe week

The approach of a "Day of Peace and International Understanding" would not be so bad and could easily be integrated into the Europe Week, which we have officially celebrated since 1995, with its two Europe Days, May 5th and May 9th.

The Europe Week would also experience a revaluation within our society and one could not only celebrate the European idea, but also democracy itself during these days and also address the content: a “week of popular education”, so to speak.

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