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I don't always want to complain - although the circumstances force me to do so - and not only take note of a positive surprise, but also share it here with my readers. The German Federal Minister for Economics and Energy is called Robert Habeck and it really stands out that he tries to do his job as sensibly as possible. What I personally really like about it is that he doesn't invite you to fairy tale time during interviews, but tries to convey the actual motives behind his actions to his listeners.

And in contrast to some other ministers, he does not need court reporters to write it as beautifully as possible. It also fits in well that he not only did his community service, but also completed a qualified degree with a doctorate. And that he is also alive is shown by a wife and four (!) sons, all of whom have higher educational qualifications.

If he still manages to turn the Economics Ministry into one in the remaining legislative period, then I very much regret that he did not succeed in asserting himself in his party - but real high performers always have a very difficult time with us.

compulsory vaccination

writes today Valerie Pale in the Heilbronner voice (1.4.02022/1/XNUMX: XNUMX) the "vaccination obligation is dead". A statement that follows the realization that it is impossible to enforce obligations in our country. On the one hand, there is a lack of qualified politicians and administrations, and on the other hand, there is a population that would be willing to fulfill its duties.

Politicians have educated their citizens in exactly the same way and shouldn't be surprised that citizens who have been convinced that they live in the Land of Cockaigne on God's soil don't want to hear about unpleasant things; the only thing the citizens are still willing to do is pay taxes, but many try to avoid that too.

Finally, I take the opportunity and refer to my first post on the subject compulsory vaccination.


Even before today's Heilbronner Voice (April 01.04.2022, 29: XNUMX) read about "newspapers in primary schools", as a reading mentor I was already able to marvel at the countless newspapers lying around completely useless in primary schools; I didn't take up the nice offer to take a few newspapers with me before they end up in the garbage again.

The fact that the whole thing was accompanied "scientifically" by AIM Heilbronn didn't surprise me anymore, because to this day, as a very experienced andragogue and also as a good teacher with a university degree, I can't make any sense of what AIM actually is power.

Decades ago, also as a primary school student, I was able to get to know the voice of Heilbronn. My parents still pay for it to this day. That's why I can still remember it so well that at that time journalists of the voice with their own poor spelling made fun of a Heilbronn restaurateur - by the way, a very fine, stately but never unemployed gentleman - because he was at a sign on his restaurant allowed a spelling mistake.

If the journalists from the Heilbronn Voice really care about the children in our elementary schools, then they could try being a reading mentor there. And AIM could actively support our journalists - a win-win situation, so to speak!

That still has to happen now: I really hope that our state school system doesn't have to pay for the newspapers as well.

video of the day

The really sad thing is that the Bundeswehr isn't doing any better either.

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Edgar Wallace and Sergei Rachmaninoff

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