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The focus of my day today is an exam at Heilbronn University. 72 students have decided not only to attend the lectures with me, but also to write an exam at the end of the lectures.

And so today I not only have the supervision of the exam, but also the pleasure of correcting a good 70 exams afterwards. I'm already excited to see how much the students have actually learned about project management over the past few months.

And no matter how the students will do, I at least feel responsible for the result.


It is certain that we European federalists will take the 7th Hertenstein Talks on September 23, 2023 to a whole new level. The venue alone, the Parkhotel Heilbronn, is an excellent location for the talks. And we combine the whole thing with the Europe Ball in the Harmonie, which will be the culmination of the Hertenstein Talks.

It is already clear that both events will be something very special. And the combination of political talks during the day and a ball in the evening will certainly give all participants completely new impressions.

We are also taking both events as a prelude to the upcoming elections to the European Parliament in May 2024. And so, in addition to the possible adoption of a federalist manifesto, which will be developed by citizens in discussion events throughout Germany throughout the year, the different ideas for the future of the European Union topic, with all democratic parties having the opportunity to contribute their ideas and concepts to the talks.

That is why we not only made our local parties and groups of voters an offer to work together, but also asked members of parliament and possible candidates for the European Parliament, the German Bundestag and the state parliament in Stuttgart not only to discuss with us citizens on site, but also afterwards to spend a wonderful evening at the Europe Ball.

And of course we also offer all dance-loving schools and clubs the opportunity to get involved in the Europa Ball. This year's ball motto is: Europe is dancing!

name dispute

Yesterday while dancing I got a call from Herbert Burkhardt, who informed me that the voice of Heilbronn was still in the evening about a press conference of the "Independents for Heilbronn“ will report from the WeinVilla. And as soon as I got home I found the article in question Joachim Friedl on the Internet.

Thus the name dispute of the free voters Heilbronn ended faster than I feared it last. And as already written several times, you could have saved yourself the whole thing right from the start. However, very many only start to think when they themselves feel the effects of their own actions. In any case, I am pleased that we can now concentrate on our actual work again and I would first like to thank our lawyer dr Mark Klein, who handled the entire legal matter in a very professional manner. And also with the three judges of the regional court, who immediately recognized that the best thing to do is to keep the church in the village.

I am also very pleased that we free voters were able to assert ourselves, because the Heilbronn voice and the Heilbronn "unity party" were against us from the start. The latter because they hope to gain from the weakening of the Free Voters and the former only because a few journalists feel that I have stepped on their toes — professional journalism works differently.

But forget it, first of all I would like to pay tribute to the new independents for their decision and wish all former members of the Free Voters good luck and success with their new voter grouping; because anyone who wants to do something for our city is actually doing everything right. Furthermore, partisan politics has little or no place at the local level.

Vienna Opera Ball

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