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Florence trip

What is worth waiting for. And so today - after a few rebookings and postponements - we were still able to wrap up our trip to Florence.

Florence is always worth a trip, and since we now have the archive of EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn there, there is another reason to pay a visit to this city. So we will be in Florence shortly before Easter with a small group and combine the pleasant with the useful.

And so I'm also pleased that I'll certainly be able to show my passengers one or the other new thing, because you see a city with completely different eyes if you're not just there as a tourist.

For me personally, the two Brenner crossings are the highlight, and if the weather cooperates, we also use the old pass road.

Meanwhile, my better half is already looking forward to the follow-up visit when we also make a detour to the coast to visit friends there.

In any case, the culinary delights will not be neglected, and so the anticipation of the trip is slowly but surely increasing.

Florence in August 2019


This year the 69th European competition is taking place, which was supported by EUROPA-UNION right from the start, and since the early 1990s my better half and I have been entrusted with the respective award ceremonies here in the Heilbronn district. Year after year we look forward to the award ceremonies and sometimes we manage to organize a corresponding exhibition.

We were even able to organize a central award ceremony event with a corresponding exhibition well into the noughties. But tempora fugit, and customs change with it.

So I came up with the idea of ​​initiating my own exhibition for the European competition, which should then be available to other urban and rural districts, especially from next year.

That's why I'm so happy now that I'm not just that Europe Center Baden-Württemberg as the organizer of the European competition in the Ländle, but also the Heilbronn City Library could win as a partner.

This year, for the first time — at least in Baden-Württemberg — there will be an exhibition of all European competition posters. europe center, EUROPE UNION and the city library will jointly make this exhibition possible from May 2nd to May 28th, 2022 in the premises of the Heilbronn city library.

After that, this exhibition will certainly tour our country, because the posters shown there alone are a wonderful thing. Now I don't want to tell you more about the exhibition, just let yourself be surprised!

In 2009, the city and district of Heilbronn presented a European prize winner for the last time. | Photo: © EUROPA-UNION Heilbronn

California — here we come!

Rebookings with Lufthansa are now working as usual again; I had related problems have already been reported. And so I couldn't complain about the most recent rebookings — as we all know, practice makes perfect.

If nothing else comes up now, my better half and I will board a plane in May this year and take a break.

Frankfurt June 2018, XNUMX

Despite the pandemic, life simply has to go on, and so we are very happy that there are now not only good vaccinations that are sufficient, at least for us Europeans, but also that governments and authorities around the world are slowly but surely learning to deal with global problems.

As I'm sure we all know by now, border closures and travel bans are not effective or proven ways to get a grip on pandemics. Vaccinate, vaccinate and vaccinate again and this combined with hygiene and distance rules, these are the viable solutions!

And if most of us were only halfway insightful, then we wouldn't have an incidence of 1588 yesterday! in the district of Heilbronn, which will certainly be even higher today - but I'm not looking at it now.

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