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After the public order office stopped carrying out high-speed checks on Werderstraße, thus also releasing the usual courtyard entrances used for this purpose and also now carrying out more checks, which actually stop the many illegal parkers, it is now suddenly possible for rescue and supply vehicles to use Werderstraße to use without major problem.

In addition, the cleaning service and gardeners have now managed to clean up Werderstrasse once again. This street - a real Heilbronn gem - certainly also invites people from outside to stroll and linger; not for parking (!), the Aldi or Penny car parks are still quite good for this.


Our Berlin Republic is now the platinum version and this with a gold rim and diamonds from a Potemkin village - what some fellow citizens had already suspected in 1989, we Bonners were never really prepared for it and were consequently devoured by the Moloch Berlin.

Today we have the world's most expensive parliaments, the world's most expensive administrations, the world's most expensive healthcare system, the world's most expensive energy supply, the world's most expensive infrastructure, the world's most expensive agriculture and also the world's most expensive social and defense spending.

But please don't let us look behind the facades!

Because when it comes to the oath, nothing works properly and we can only survive because we are firmly integrated into the western world - and we are still being helped!

And so that we continue to be the best in the world, it's not just our administrations who falsify like hell. In addition, laws and agreements are being bent as much as possible and, if necessary, “temporarily” suspended or declared non-binding.

So that the appearance can continue to be maintained, we are now setting completely new standards here in Germany: punctuality is when someone still intends to arrive on the scheduled day. This helps Deutsche Bahn, for example, to be able to publish timetables at all.

We are currently solving the existence of a halfway functioning Internet by the fact that, as stipulated by politics (!), the providers suddenly switch entire streets — maybe even entire cities — from (non-existent) 50 MB to the non-existent 100 MB data rate. In the last few weeks I have tried in vain to want to use the 100 MB that are now available. Again and again it was explained to me that there is no such thing, at least not in this street.

And so yesterday I received another request from the advertising department of my provider to finally switch to the 100 MB intended for me, only to then receive the message again after all the bureaucratic handling that this is not possible in my street.

Grigory Alexandrovich Potemkin is now dancing through all the official offices in Germany! And before long, if you become seriously ill, a person in a white coat will dance the picture of your illness to you and prescribe you the most expensive globules in the world.

And until then produces z. For example, the German arms industry continues to have the most expensive tanks in the world, which, by the way, only fit pygmies, and no pollutant analyzes have to be submitted for our wines, since poison in small doses is known to be health-promoting, ...

Perhaps the title "Dance on the volcano" would have been better for this post.


Met yesterday Heiner Dorner, Herbert Burkhardt and I to a meeting. All participants were prepared and on time, so the meeting ended very quickly. My bright spot of yesterday!